Saturday, 16 November 2013

World Prematurity Day (WPD): Sunday 17th November 2013

This year, 15 million babies will be born prematurely around the world. 60,000 right here in the UK.

On Sunday, 17th November 2013, organisations around the globe will be raising awareness. Please join them in making hugs possible for all babies, and help make a real difference to babies born too soon/ Together we can be the voice for babies and their families, making sure their needs are heard around the world.

Bliss (the UK charity for babies born too soon, too small, too sick) asks everyone to help share awareness by

Tweeting the following message this weekend
I am supporting #wpd to help the 15 million babies born too soon each year with @BlissCharity #GiveAHug

Updating your Facebook status this weekend with this message
I am giving a hug on World Prematurity Day in support of the 15 million babies born too soon throughout the world each year. Help us raise awareness of the serious issues faced by them and their families by sharing and liking and by giving a hug #GiveAHug

My Scarlett decided to make her arrival into the world a whole 4 weeks early and is technically a "preemie", but at 7lbs exactly, we were very lucky she was only in NICU for a few hours.

Her is her story in photos!

Scarlett mere minutes after being born via c-section on 5th March 2012 

Mummy and Scarlett resting in the recovery room after Scarlett's brief visit to NICU 

Scarlett "chilling" in her heated incubator with a cannula in her tiny hand to provide antibiotics to prevent infection

Scarlett having a snooze in her incubator

 "Hello world", Scarlett peeping through the incubator window

After 48 hours on the high dependency ward, Scarlett was able to go in the standard hospital cot! 
We were allowed home after 3 days in hospital

Scarlett at 7 days old 

 Scarlett and her big brother at 2 weeks old

Scarlett at one month old

Scarlett now, at 20 months old

But not all babies are lucky. Some need intensive support and care immediately after birth, sometimes continuing for numerous weeks or even months. 

You can read the story of Rhys, born 14 weeks early at 1lb 10oz to Vicky and Matt Gardner on the Bliss 

And the story of Joseph, born to Kylie, one of my lovely blogging friends. Joseph was born at 27 weeks gestation weighing 1lbs 7ozs. You can read Joseph's story on Kylie's blog: 

I'd also like to mention the UK charity Pop'n'Grow
Pop ‘N’ Grow is a UK charity who supply FREE specially modified baby clothing to children in neonatal intensive care, special care and transitional ward care, paediatric intensive care and clothing to children up to the age of sixteen who require regular medical treatment.  
They supply clothing that ranges in size from tiny 2lb baby weight incubator vests; through to our 0-3 month baby grows and then specially modified clothing for children up to the age of sixteen. All of this clothing is designed to work WITH the leads, wires, tubes and machines that is so vital to these children’s treatment and recovery. 

World Prematurity Day Facebook page

Bliss UK website:


  1. And look at Scarlett today.... ADOREABLE. They have come such a long way in caring for preemies. thank you for doing your part to raise awareness for World Prematurity Day

  2. Scarlett is so cute and I am so happy she had a happy ending. You're right that not all babies do, so thank you for helping to raise awareness.

  3. Scarlett is beautiful from day one to now! What a fighter!

  4. How precious she is. My youngest son was born 6 weeks early. scared me silly but he is a grown man now, thriving and serving his country in the USAF. he will be 20 on Thursday. We had some scary moments when he was little but all is well.

  5. My own toddler was born almost 6 weeks early as well due to an emergency c-section. Watching her now you wouldn't know it. Scarlett is a cutie and happy that everything turned out fine. Thank you for bringing awareness to the issue.

  6. I just tweeted and put the facebook message on my timeline and fan page! Scarlett is adorable-so glad all went well with her!

  7. Just tweeted :).

    What a gorgeous little girl your Scarlett is turning into. So good to hear everything turned out well for her and you :) x

  8. I love the pictures!! Thank you for sharing this sweet story! I'm so happy to know Scarlett is doing so well!

  9. Thank you so much for linking up its great to have a few later term prem posts, because prematurity matters regardless of gestation.

    She's so beautiful, well done!

  10. What a precious little girl. I'm so glad to see she's happy and healthy; I wish it could be that way for everyone.

  11. Wow, Scarlett was a precious baby and has grown into a beautiful little girl. By the way, I love her little rain boots; they are too cute. This is a great cause; I wasn't aware that World Prematurity Day is November 17, so thank you for making me aware so I can make sure to say something to raise awareness.

  12. I had no idea that there even was a world prematurity day. I will have to share this with some of the mommies I know. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Scarlett was an absolutely precious baby and I am so glad that she was able to grow and thrive. It's so important to raise awareness about World Prematurity Day, especially for new parents.

  14. The care for preemies have come a long way since the past! Just look at Scarlett now, she looks like she is thriving & living the good life :)

  15. Aww! Scarlet is adorable. So glad she only had to stay in ICU for a few hours.

  16. I never realized there was such a day until now. My oldest son was put in ICU when he was first born and most of the babies in there were premies. He was the only full size baby and they were scrambling to find diapers big enough. I can still remember all the little ones that were in there and how amazing they are.

  17. Your little one is so adorable. The picture of her in the pink polka dots is a keeper for sure. We have come a long way in the treatment of premature babies and many babies have benefited from all of the research and charities that discover new ways of caring for them. It is a wonderful thing but there is more to do.

  18. The look of contentment on your face is beautiful. So glad all is well. take care

  19. So glad your preemie story has a very happy ending. It is amazing how the medical field is advancing. Ms. Scarlet is a very beautiful young lady, with a very proud mommy.

  20. I had no idea that there even was a world prematurity day. My granddaughter was a preemie. Thanks for sharing.

  21. She is so adorable! I'm glad to know she's ok!